(Entrepreneurial Immigration)

Helping entrepreneurs grow their business globally (& find a new home in Canada).


From experienced professionals to young, innovative visionaries, Wander’s goal is to connect global entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to the wealth of opportunities and resources that Canada offers, particularly in its tech start-up ecosystem.

Wander supports eligible individuals and their families on their journey to Canada through the start-up visa pathway.

About Wander

Wander was designed with the future Canadian success story in mind. We meet global entrepreneurs and provide the guidance and coaching necessary to prepare for and enter the Canadian tech landscape as a viable, promising startup.

Many individuals seek a pathway to Canada through the startup visa immigration category; those who have proven business experience or an innovative startup idea who can support the development of a strong, sustainable Canada are eligible to apply.

In essence, Wander implements three pillars of support, intended to help you achieve official Canadian residency.

Pillar 1:
Coaching the

Wander coaches, guides, mentors and supports the global entrepreneur, helping bring their idea to life in a Canadian context.

Pillar 2:
Building an international team

Wander pairs proven, experienced global professionals with startup teams on our roster, for elite and exclusive mentorship.

Pillar 3:
Making the Canadian connection

Wander connects immigrant entrepreneurs to Canadian investors and incubators; these private sector investors can help establish their startup business. Well-coached, fully-formed startup teams supported by designated Canadian investors make for fantastic candidates for Canada’s startup visa program.

At Wander, we believe it’s time that global innovators and entrepreneurs gain and cultivate reliable, trustworthy and high-quality connections to a poised network of supportive investors and incubators. We use our international experience and business savvy to optimize and streamline the Canadian startup immigration process, opening the door to Canadian residency for potential immigrants and their families.

Wander was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We believe you are worth the investment. We’re here to ensure the Canadian investor landscape and startup visa program knows that too.


Our mission is to provide fundamental and advanced immigration services to our startup & entrepreneurial clientele in Pakistan and all over the world.

Managing Consultant

Yawar Abbas

Yawar Abbas

Yawar Abbas is a published writer, having appeared in some of the most respected publications in Canada, including Torstar’s Toronto.com and Mississauga News. Abbas has found success working as venture scout for several prestigious clients, has served as a credit analyst at a major Canadian bank, and has extensive experience in cloud computing and recruitment in higher education. Abbas has an eye for detail and a passion for service that serves as Wander’s foundation for the support of entrepreneurs ready to enter Canada.

Pitch Your Startup

Pitching your startup isn’t just about simply describing what your product is, or what your offering can do to change the world. There’s an art and science behind pitching a startup, and it begins with captivating your audience — whether that’s your potential investor, your first customers, or us.

So let’s start the conversation.

Join a Team

Are you a degreed, experienced professional with years of experience across one or more of the STEM fields? You’re likely looking for ways to bring your expertise to greater horizons — namely Canada, the land of opportunity.

However, you may not have experience in the startup space. Nevertheless, you’re curious about the entrepreneurial world, and have enough significant knowledge, education and professional impact that you know you could make a difference in the Canadian business landscape.

Tell us about yourself as well as your expertise, and we’ll find a place for you in a leading-edge international startup team.

Join our waitlist

We have currently launched a Beta program for Canadian immigration for a handful of startups. If you would like to be on the waiting list for this product, please register here.

Letter to Pakistani nationals, potential new Canadians

Since the first colonizers who hailed from Europe in the 16th century, Canada has been a dreamland of immigrants, a bountiful and beautiful country global citizens are overjoyed to call home. The warm welcome this country extends to new immigrants from around the world continues to this day — annual immigration in Canada amounts to approximately 300,000 newcomers each year, one of the highest rates per population of any country across the globe.

We want you to be next.

This multicultural country is ripe with some of the world’s cleanest, friendliest cities, most innovative post-secondary institutions, and business opportunities that rival the best in the world. Its standard of living, as measured by GDP per capita, is the second highest in the G-20, and its strong, stable economy is enviable across the globe. For skilled entrepreneurs and brilliant minds like you, this economy is poised to support you and your dream.

Canada is a rapidly growing leader in research, innovation and technology, ready to uphold businesses and entrepreneurs through low taxes and other incentives. Here, you can find unmatched professional success, advance in your career and business, and contribute to this country’s burgeoning economy.

This land is a great place to start a business, at any size — whether you’re looking to start a small business of a few talented individuals, or a large organization that employs hundreds of fellow Canadians, you can join over 1 million diverse, vibrant and thriving employers who have designed their own paths and built their own success.

And what’s more, your family will benefit from the inimitable quality of life, our world-class education, and our diverse, peaceful, inclusive communities.

We want you to call Canada home.

Wander Fees

Our startup Visa consultancy services extend to the following:

  • Immigration legal counsel
  • Full access to mentorship and guidance
  • Advisory support by phone and email
  • Founder coaching and consultancy
  • Founder and investor matchmaking
  • Capital fundraising consultancy
  • Idea generation
  • Access to international markets
  • Access to Wander slack community (additional fees apply)

Fees begin at CAD$ 50,000.00.