PTH Studio
(Venture Studio)

What is PakTekHub (PTH)?

PakTekHub is a startup ecosystem enabler that helps Pakistani founders start & grow innovative startups to solve Pakistan’s societal and economic problems.

DOSE (Day One Stock Exchange)

DOSE is a new kind of stock market for a largely ignored segment of the market where these companies can raise growth capital to continue on their growth path globally.

Think of DOSE as Nasdaq 3.0.

Yawar Abbas is the Founder & CEO of DOSE. He believes that he can turn DOSE into the stock market of the 22nd century.

PakTekHub has spent the last 6 months working with Yawar to get this idea ready to launch..



A tasker app that allows you to place literally any task for suppliers / vendors to bid on, and complete.

The Founder & CEO Khurram Bashir wanted a partner to operationalise the launch in Pakistan.

PakTekHub has spent the last 8 months working with Khurram to build the go-to-market strategy for a launch of this uniquely differentiated app.


Apna Tax

Apna Tax is a suite of secure online applications for tax filing and accounting that aims to revolutionize the filing of tax returns in Pakistan by becoming the leading provider of simple, convenient, secure online applications and software tools for every type of tax filer in the country. Our products have been designed by tax and technology experts to simplify every step of tax compliance: return filing, withholding tax, sales tax, and accounting

Pakistan has committed to broad-ranging efforts to widen the tax net and build a tax compliant culture: as per the World Bank, Pakistan ranks 161 (of 190 countries) for paying taxes. The FBR has increased enforcement actions against non-filers, while instituting reforms and incentives for filers. It also supports customer solutions such as Apna Tax, to facilitate tax filing.

PTH is working with Apna Tax in the areas of branding & marketing, investor readiness and fundraising.

Apna Tax