PTH Green Rising Fund
(Venture Capital)

Is Pakistan on your radar yet?

If not, here are a few reasons why it should be.

Pakistan has a population of 220 million people, with 60% below the age of 30. Nearly 100 million Pakistanis have access to the internet, making it the market that’s now sitting at the crossroads that China, Malaysia, and Singapore once were. A growing middle class with an appetite for technology is driving the 5th largest country in the world forward.

What is our thesis?

PakTekHub is launching a sector-agnostic $5M pre-seed “Studio + Fund”, the first of its kind in Pakistan, leveraging the founding partner’s exposure to strong deal flow running the largest incubator in Pakistan & experience building multiple startups over the past 10 years.

What are we offering?

Access to the best startups in the country, with an in-depth understanding of
high-potential business models, outstanding teams and strong founders, with the risk being mitigated through entry into a sector-agnostic fund that is investing in pre-seed stage startups.

Why are we unique?

We have a front-row seat to Pakistan’s startup ecosystem, where we plan to rapidly deploy funds in 65+ pre-seed startups.

Omar Abedin is Founding Partner at GRF1. He is ex-Director Marketing Careem (acquired by Uber in 2019) and currently Project Director at the country’s largest incubator, the National Incubation Centre Karachi. Omar has over 30 years of experience marketing for major brands and startups spanning across MENA, Pakistan and North America. He has co-founded multiple startups.

7.7X opportunity! 

We’re presenting global investors an opportunity to become LPs in PakTekHub’s pre-seed “Green Rising Fund 1” to capitalize on Pakistan’s fast-emerging startup ecosystem.

Our Ask

PakTekHub is raising $5MM in Fund 1.

Required LP Cheque Size

The minimum cheque size Green Rising Fund accepts is $250,000.

How are we compensated for managing and deploying the fund?
Management Fees: 2%
Carry: 20%, 30% If > 5x


How long is the fund lifecycle?
Term 10Yr with 1 year extension