(M&A Advisory)

PakTekHub has agreements with international private equity, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) acquirers, and Amazon FBA seller acquirers that PTH can utilize to make introductions for investors, founders, and management teams to realize exits from their businesses, as per acquirer’s standards.

We have sourced several SaaS, Healthtech, fintech, and tech-enabled start-ups for acquisitions in the last 6 months where we made introductions with respective acquirers.

If you or someone you know

… owns,

… manages,

… or has invested in a SaaS company that makes between $1M-$10M in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), and are profitable or your internet/software-based company makes between $500K – $30MM in profit…

Please feel free to contact us for a preliminary business assessment

Are you an Amazon FBA seller looking to sell your business?

Feel free to contact us.

Opportunity 1: This is one of the leading financial aggregators in the Middle East, a household name in its space, with operations in the UAE & KSA and a revised, highly profitable business model post-COVID.

Opportunity 2: This company is a gem in the Pakistani distribution space, and is looking for investment to accelerate its growth and become a giant in its arena.